The University of California
Marching Band

How to Audition

If you have not yet done so, please fill out the Interest Form! All wind instruments should submit a mp3 recording via their account on our recruit website (which can be found by clicking “Recruits” in the upper right hand corner of this website). These recruit accounts are automatically made after filling out an interest form. All percussion instruments must send in a video audition through their own accounts. The deadline for all recorded auditions is still TBD for 2019. 

Woodwinds/BrassNikki Playing Trumpet

What to record:

1. State your name and your instrument

2. State the keys of the two major scales you will play. You choose which two scales you want to play for us! Difficulty does not matter, we are just looking for your comfort in playing scales.

3. Play the two major scales.

4. Play a chromatic run from the lowest note to the highest note of your ability, ascending and descending

5. Play three out of the five exercises included in the links below**, following all tempo markings, key signatures, rhythms, dynamics, and repeat signs.

 ** If you have trouble viewing these documents, please install Adobe Reader

Gameday Nets

Exercises for Each Instrument



Alto Saxophone

Tenor Saxophone







*Audition must be video-recorded for Percussion*

Bass Drum Marchup

Play the linked exercises below as written, as specified for your preferred instrument(s). Auditions for snares, tenors, and bass drums may be played on a drum or drum pad, and auditions for cymbals may be played on cymbals or with stick or hand claps. Glockenspiel auditions can be performed on a piano or any keyboard instrument, but should be performed with only one hand to mimic a glockenspiel.

For snares, tenors, and bass drums, if a tempo range is provided (Stick Control, Para-bles, and ABCD) please play it twice, once at the slowest tempo and once at the fastest tempo.. The other exercises can be played once.

In addition to the linked pieces below (one of which is the same as the alto sax part), glockenspiel auditionees should prepare two major scales of your choice, as well as a chromatic run, ascending and descending, using the full range of your instrument.

In your recording:

1. State your name and your instrument.

2. For Glockenspiel auditions, follow the instructions listed above for woodwind/brass auditions, but record with video.

3. Record video of the exercises linked below.

Raising the Tenor DrumsCymbals


- Snare: Stick Control, Para-bles, ABCDTriplet Diddle and Cal Sterling-Snare

- Tenor: Stick ControlPara-blesABCDTriplet Diddle and Cal Sterling-Tenors

- Bass Drum: Stick ControlPara-blesABCDTriplet Diddle and Cal Sterling-Bass


Submitting your Recorded Audition

Once you’ve finished recording, submit your files through your account on our recruit website. Late auditions are not accepted, so please do not leave uploading for the last moment since there can be issues with file size! Audition results will be released through the same page. If you have any questions or technical difficulties, or if you need any alternative accommodations, feel free to email us at