The University of California
Marching Band

How to Audition

There are two ways to complete your musical audition:
1) In-person auditions with director, Bob Calonico, are preferred. He is available on weekdays until mid-June and from August 8 until FTP check-in on August 18. Email to schedule your in-person audition.
2) All wind instruments may send in a mp3 recording via email if unable to audition in person. All percussion instruments must send in a video audition. The deadline for all recorded auditions is August 7. For further instructions (what to record, where to send your recording, etc.), please see below.

Audition Music

The following are links to audition music for both in-person and recorded auditions.

Winds: Play the exercises below for your intended instrument. Be sure to follow all tempo markings, key signatures, and rhythms. Take all repeats, and follow dynamics, as well. Please prepare two major scales of your choosing (difficulty does not matter, we’d rather see how comfortable you are playing scales), as well as a chromatic run, from the lowest note to the highest note of your ability, ascending and descending.

Percussion: *Audition must be video recorded for Percussion* Play the linked exercises below as written, as specified for your preferred instrument. Snare, tenor, and bass may be played on a drum or drum pad, and cymbals may be played on cymbals or with stick or hand claps. For Glockenspiel, please prepare two major scales of your choosing, a chromatic run ascending and descending, and the linked piece below. These may be played on piano or any other keyboard instrument.

For snares, tenors, and bass drums, please play the linked exercises twice, once at the bottom and once at the top of the tempo listed in the music.

If you have trouble viewing these documents, please install Adobe Reader.

If you are submitting a recording:
All wind instrument recordings must be sent as an mp3 file. All percussion auditions must be sent as an mp4 file.

What to Record


  1. State your name and your instrument.
  2. State the keys of the two major scales you will play
  3. Play the two major scales
  4. Play your chromatic run
  5. Play three of the five exercises included in the links above, following all tempo markings, dynamics, and repeats OR Play two prepared pieces of your choice:
    • A slow piece showing expressive ability and
    • A fast piece showing technical ability
    • (Total of 5-10 minutes)


  1. State your name and your instrument
  2. Play the exercises as written

E-Mailing your Recorded Audition
Once complete, on or before August 7, submit your files as an attachment to with the subject “Re: Music Audition for (Your Name)”. Once we have received your audition recording, we will be in contact and will notify you when a decision has been made. If you have any questions or technical difficulties, feel free to email us at