Live in Tellefsen Hall

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A Home in the University

TH Leadership

Our members often choose to live in the Home of the Band, Tellefsen Hall. Built in 1894 and occupied by the band for more than 50 years, the house is conveniently located just one block from the north edge of campus. Tellefsen Hall (or TH as it is commonly called) houses 44 students in double, triple, and quadruple occupancy rooms. This location makes it uniquely convenient for engineering and computer science students due to its very close proximity to buildings related to these fields, as well as making it very easy for all band members to wake up for game days.

Unlike the dorms, the house has its own student leadership board (some of whom are shown in the image on the left) that works in conjunction with the Band leadership to provide a more personal and enjoyable experience for its band members. Students of all backgrounds enjoy the community dynamic, the joint house activities, and the great food (provided by our chef, Nick) that TH offers.

Super Smash Tournament

Band members who do not choose to live at TH are encouraged to become house social members in order to take advantage of a meal per week as well as house social activities (such as formal dances, Great America trips, broomball, or Super Smash Brothers tournaments like the one pictured on the right) at a low flat rate each year. Due to the convenience, the low cost, and the supportive atmosphere that TH provides, many band members find their time at TH an integral part of their college experience. All of these advantages make TH one of the most important services that the Cal Band offers its members each year.

 Feel free to contact the House Manager to schedule a tour of Tellefsen Hall or ask any questions you might have about living in the house!