Cal Band Spotlight: Alyssa Ransom

Meet Alyssa Ransom, first-year phonez (alto saxophone) player and champion chicken catcher! As an SPCA volunteer back in the 6th grade, Alyssa discovered her chicken-catching abilities while caring for 10 energetic chicks that hatched from a feisty hen. With her grandmother, she raised all of them, even while living in a city environment. Now, she […]

Cal Band Spotlight: Bill Mullen

The Cal Band Spotlight returns! Meet Bill Mullen!  A second-year phonez (alto saxophone) player, Bill is a delightful resident of Tellefsen Hall. In his free time, he goes backpacking with friends and family to Yosemite, where they have a secret swimming hole. Inspired by Jim Morisson and The Doors, Bill sings as a low-key hobby, […]

This week’s Cal Band Spotlight: meet Stefano Flavoni, a 2nd year Mellophone. He’s been deeply immersing himself in his newly-declared Music major by participating in a variety of musical activities, and combined with Cal Band, it’s sounds like a very fun and well-rounded musical experience! “I’m currently enrolled in advanced instrumental conducting this semester, taught […]