Senior Spotlight #4!

Photo Feb 08, 6 33 06 PM_preview - Mika Post

Hiya bears! Welcome back to our fourth Senior Spotlight. This month we’re focusing on a current fourth year, Mika Post!

What’s your major(s), year in school, what do you play?
“Integrative Biology, 4th year, cymbals”

What’s your favorite Cal Band Memory?
“I enjoy all the times when the section casually bonds after a long day of practice or a long week of classes. I particularly enjoy the Sardines bonding, when we get to explore Dwinelle and hide in all its little nooks and crannies.”

What are you doing after graduation?

“After graduation, I hope to apply for the JET program to teach in Japan for a year or so. If I don’t get in, I will work at entry-level ecology and wildlife biology jobs, perhaps doing field surveys or assisting in a lab.”

What do you do outside of band?
“Outside of band, I work as a research assistant in an ESPM lab. I also play percussion in the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra. In my free time, I enjoy reading random articles on the Internet and learning languages on Duolingo, so I can keep up my streak.”

What advice would you give a younger bandsman?

“Get to know the seniors in your section! They’ll be gone before you know it and you will miss them. :(“

Favorite packet song?
“Come on Eileen”

Anything else you want people to know?
“Follow Jeff on Instagram @meow_boy_jeff. He is the best cat and must be recognized as the wonderful cat he is.”

Thanks Mika! Tune in next month for our next Senior Spotlight!