From Fundamentals to Field Shows: Our Path to Gameday

With the start of every school year, Cal Band kicks into high gear as it introduces its vibrant traditions to a new recruiting class. This year, the recruits had just two weeks to learn how to march before performing two field shows at the Sacramento State game last weekend. When we arrived at Cal State […]

Cal Band Spotlight: Ned Udomkesmalee

Meet Ned Udomkesmalee! Ned, a snare drummer, is graduating in a few days with a Bachelor’s in Physics. An enthusiast of all types of sports, he enjoys golfing with director Bob Calonico, among other Cal Band members, as well as IM basketball, and tennis. His plans for the next year include pursuing his dream of […]

Cal Band Spotlight: Alyssa Ransom

Meet Alyssa Ransom, first-year phonez (alto saxophone) player and champion chicken catcher! As an SPCA volunteer back in the 6th grade, Alyssa discovered her chicken-catching abilities while caring for 10 energetic chicks that hatched from a feisty hen. With her grandmother, she raised all of them, even while living in a city environment. Now, she […]

Cal Spring Football Experience

Springtime in Cal Band is often associated with basketball games, fun trips, Cal Day, Spring Show, and new student officers. This year we added an exciting event to our spring lineup. On April 26th, the band took the field for an exciting marching performance at the Cal Spring Football Experience. In the recent past, the […]

Cal Band Spotlight: Bill Mullen

The Cal Band Spotlight returns! Meet Bill Mullen!  A second-year phonez (alto saxophone) player, Bill is a delightful resident of Tellefsen Hall. In his free time, he goes backpacking with friends and family to Yosemite, where they have a secret swimming hole. Inspired by Jim Morisson and The Doors, Bill sings as a low-key hobby, […]

A Band’s March Madness: Las Vegas

With only a few days’ rest after our journey to Seattle, we were off once again on another flight out of Oakland on Wednesday afternoon, bound for the Pac-12 Men’s Basketball Tournament in Las Vegas. There was even a lovely sign by our gate to wish us good luck. On our departing flight, we happened […]

A Band’s March Madness: Seattle

Our series of basketball trips began last Thursday afternoon when we departed from Berkeley for the Pac-12 Women’s Basketball Tournament in Seattle. The Band, Mic Man, Rally Comm, and Cheer Team filled the back of the Southwest plane. The flight crew and other passengers seem to excited about presence and our rendition of “Fight for […]

Whenever we’re not performing at football games, Cal Band switches into our Straw Hat Band gear, complete with our Oski ties, pin-covered vests, and our signature Straw Hats.The Straw Hat band can be seen around campus playing for different organizations and clubs, or even in downtown San Francisco for the fanciest galas! Interested in having […]

Meet Janet Hsiao! She’s a fourth year bearitone, majoring in Environmental Sciences and minoring in music. Reflecting on the good people and supportive network that band has provided, she has an excited outlook for the future. “Salutations! My name is Janet Hsiao, and I’m a graduating senior from Hacienda Heights, California. What do I love […]

This week’s SHB Hat of the Week belongs to Ross Greer! He decorated his hat with playbills of classic musicals like “The Sound of Music,” “The Producers,” and “Mamma Mia!”