Letter From the Director

Matthew Sadowski

Dear Prospective Band Students and Parents,

The University of California Marching Band has a long, proud history that dates back to 1891. From a group of eighteen players, the Cal Band now boasts a membership of nearly 200 and is a fixture at Cal athletic events and many campus and community activities. Membership in the Band helps to make a place like Cal (with its 30,000-plus students) a little more personal and the friendships that are forged last a lifetime.

The Cal Band is an extracurricular activity and members receive no academic credit. The time commitment ranges from a minimum of six hours per week to a maximum of eighteen hours per week. There are six Band officers (including myself) that manage all aspects of the organization.

Here are some Band statistics that answer the most commonly asked questions: membership is about half male and about half female; nearly half are “hard science” majors and less than five percent are music majors; about half of each incoming class (usually 80) stay in Band for four years; most of our members are able to balance academic demands and Band membership and graduate on time and lastly, we have a scholarship program in place for recruitment and retention based on “talent, financial need and commitment to leadership and service.”

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email me at msadowski@berkeley.edu

Matthew Sadowski
Director – University of California Marching Band