2013 Big Game Week Performances

Sunday, November 17th

1. Battle of the Bands on Pier 39, San Francisco. (12:00pm)

Monday, November 18th

1. Cable Car Rally. Playing through the streets of San Francisco while riding one of the famous cable cars! (Starting at 10:00am)

2. Cal Men’s Basketball vs. Southern Utah. (8:00pm)

Tuesday, November 19th

1. Big Sail. Battle of the Bands at Cal vs. Stanfurd sailing match. (12:00pm)

2. Tree Chopping Rally. Watch the Cal Logging Sports Team go to work on some real trees on Sproul Steps! (12:00pm)

Wednesday, November 20th

1. Big Titration. Traditional acid-base titration performance. (11:00am)

Thursday, November 21st

1. Night Rally. Starting at Bowles Hall with stops at AXO, Channing Circle, the Units, and Sproul Plaza! (8:00pm)

Friday, November 22nd

1. Breakfast Club performance. An early morning start on the eve of Big Game! (7:30am)

2. Day City. A daytime tour of San Francisco, with performances at various clubs and restaurants. (Starting at about 11:30am)

3. Day East Bay. A daytime tour of the East Bay, with performances at various clubs and restaurants. (Starting at about 11:30am)

4. Night City. Performances at Schroeder’s and Royal Exchange in San Francisco. (Between 7:00pm and 10:00pm)

5. Night East Bay. Performances and rallies at various East Bay clubs and restaurants. (Between 7:00pm and 10:00pm)

6. Cal Volleyball vs. Washington. (6:00pm)

7. Big Game Bonfire Rally at the Greek Theater. See Cal Band perform in front the largest bonfire west of the Mississippi! (Doors open at 6:00pm, performance at 7:00pm)